Prepare For Life Summer 2018 

Christmas Shopping – protecting yourself

By Mark Teale, Retirement Strategies and Solutions
Centrepoint Alliance

As we get closer to Christmas, our thoughts turn to shopping for the

As a modern and technologically advanced society, a large percentage of our Christmas shopping will be done online –
depending if we start early and allow enough time for our purchases to be delivered.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have issued guidelines to protect your rights and hard-earned savings.

The following is an extract from their website, outlining your rights and tips when it comes to purchasing gifts over the internet:

These tips to protect your rights when shopping online:

1. Only consider buying from online sellers in Australia or overseas that have a good reputation, show clear instructions on how to return and refund items and display business details such as phone number and address

2. Ensure products and services meet Australian safety regulations

3. Before buying, check terms and conditions carefully so you know what you’re paying for and that there are no hidden costs or restrictions…….Continue reading


Who gets your super?

By Peter Kelly, Retirement Strategies and Solutions
Centrepoint Alliance

While it is often uncomfortable to think about our mortality, thinking about how we would like our wealth transferred to our loved ones after we die is something that deserves a little thought.

We are all aware of the importance of making a Will and keeping it up to date, however, our superannuation, which is often the largest asset a person has apart from their home, also deserves some attention.

Despite misconceptions to the contrary, money held in superannuation may not automatically pass to your estate on death to be dealt with under your Will. This can result in superannuation death benefits passing to the wrong people.

Let’s address some of the common questions that arise when it comes to conversations around superannuation death benefits……… Continue reading


The tax advantages of super

By Peter Kelly, Retirement Strategies and Solutions
Centrepoint Alliance

One of the attractions of superannuation is the fact that super funds are very favourably taxed.

If we invest money in our personal name, any investment earnings are taxable in our hands. Our personal tax rate will dictate the actual amount of tax we will pay. This may be anywhere from 0% to 45%, depending on our total taxable income.

However, if we have money invested in the superannuation system, the earnings our super fund receives are generally taxed at a maximum rate of 15%. On the other hand, if our super is held in what’s known as the ‘retirement phase’, the super fund will generally pay no tax on its investment earnings.

Consider a simple example – we have a superannuation account that is in the accumulation phase (that is, it is not paying a pension to the member). The fund invests our super savings and the fund receives income (dividends, interest or rent, depending on how the money is invested). The investment earnings are included as income of the
super fund and the fund will pay tax at a rate of 15%. …… Continue Reading


Disclaimer: This article contains general information only. The information contained in this article is not designed to be a substitute for professional advice as such a brief guide cannot consider and cover all individual needs, objectives, circumstances and conditions applying to the law as it relates to these items mentioned in this article. No responsibility can be accepted for errors, omissions or possible misleading statements or for any decisions or actions taken as a result of any material in this communication. Appropriate expert advice should always be considered from a professional financial adviser prior to making any financial decisions. 



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