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Prepare For Life Summer 2020

Getting “super” sorted for a new year

New Year resolutions come in many shapes and sizes and range from the really challenging – I am going to get fit, healthy, drink less, lose weight – through to the less strenuous – stop watching reality TV,
meditate more, read some good books, or take a break from Facebook.

For most of us, we are lucky if our New Year resolutions last more than a couple of weeks, at the most. Then, we fall back into our old ways. Sound familiar?

This year, being a brand-new year and the start of the “20’s”, I would like to encourage you to spend some time to get your “super” sorted. While superannuation is about as exciting as spending a Saturday night sharpening lawn mower blades, or tidying the underwear drawer, there can be some real financial benefits in getting your super in order.

How do we get our super sorted out in the most
painless way?……….Continue reading


Developing your investment strategy

As many investors discover, mapping out an investment plan is the easy part. Sticking with that plan is what separates investors from speculators.

Are you an investor or a speculator?
Many investors use a consistent, long-term strategy to build a more
secure financial future through steady purchases of well-diversified

Speculators and market timers are usually less concerned about
consistency. They may switch investment philosophies on an
emotional whim, sometimes treating their investments more like play money than the serious money needed for their financial future.
Most people would probably say they are investors, but the question is not so easily answered. During a bull market, it can be relatively easy to be a long-term investor. However, when the stock market starts gyrating, investors’ mettle can be tested revealing many closet speculators……….. Continue reading


Work and retirement – do they mix?

The terms “work” and “retirement” at first appear to be at extreme ends of the spectrum, but for a portion of the population this is certainly not the case.

The need for some retirees to work to supplement an age pension is now a necessity. The extra income not only helps with normal weekly expenses but allows a person to fund their travel, eat out or play golf on a more regular basis, if so inclined.

Working, whether for payment or volunteering, may help some to feel they are still contributing to society; it allows them to broaden their social circle and can provide purpose and self-respect.

For some, retiring can mean going from an active to a much more sedentary existence. And if the only excitement for the day is walking to the shop for the paper and a coffee, this lifestyle will lose its attraction very quickly.

I should make the point that the work a person may undertake in retirement does not need to be a continuation of their previous working career……. Continue Reading


Retirement Incomes – yet another review

There are a few certainties in life – the most widely quoted being
death and taxes.

However, in modern Australia there is another certainty.
That certainty is longevity.

We are living longer than those who came before us and life expectancy is projected to continue to increase as we reap the benefits of good quality food, rapid advances in medical science, and the benefits of physical exercise.

Today, if a couple in average health (65 year old male, and 62 year
old female) are to have an 80% certainty that their financial plan
covers their potential lifespan, they need a retirement plan that will last until the male reaches 100 years of age [1]……. Continue Reading



[1] -John De Ravin, Estelle Liu, Rein van Rooyen,
Paul Scully and Shang Wu, Spend your
decennial age, Actuaries Australia, 7 November


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