Our Process


Our Six Step Strategic Planning Process

1. Tell Us Your Story

We will start by listening to your story and get to know you. As your adviser, we want to learn all about your current position so we can fully understand your situation and help you determine your long and short-term goals.

2. Goals and Objectives

We will help you identify what is important to you and prioritise what you would like to achieve in terms of your financial and personal future. Together with you, we will set your goals and objectives and discuss possible pathways in achieving those goals.

3. Assessment and Evaluation

Once we have enough information and have a clear picture of what your goals are, we will analyse your current situation and plan out financial strategies to overcome any obstacles that may be in the way of reaching your goals.

4. Recommendation

We will devise an action plan personalised to you and tailored to your requirements that will provide you with appropriate recommendations and outline suitable options available to you towards achieving your goals.

5. Implementation

Once you are satisfied with your strategic plan, we will work to put your plan into action.

6. Ongoing Support

Just like a car, tailored strategies needs to be serviced and tuned to ensure you are always on track. We will provide you with ongoing guidance as your circumstances change to review your strategic planning and assist to work towards your lifestyle and financial goals.