Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Protecting those we care about and planning for our family’s future is something we all want to do. Estate planning is more than just drafting up a Will. Prime Time Advisory can help you with the complexities of planning for the distribution of your estate in the future, including tax effectiveness.

Our Advisors will work closely with our Legal representatives to ensure that your
financial situation is considered carefully, and your beneficiaries are protected in
according to your instruction.

Standard Wills

A standard will is suitable for individuals that only have personal assets and they want to divide their estate between their spouse or partner, children and other nominated beneficiaries. Our team can assist you in organising a Standard Will to ensure your wishes are followed through.

Testamentary Trusts

Created by a will, testamentary trusts provide more control over the distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Importantly, they also have tax advantages making them an effective estate planning tool. The two common types are: discretionary testamentary trusts which provide the beneficiary with options and protective testamentary trusts which are set..

Power of Attorney

Organising a Power of Attorney is important in case anything happens to you. Your chosen individual will have the responsibility of making financial, medical and guardianship decisions on your behalf. It’s best to create this document to ensure your wishes will be fulfilled as soon as possible as the process becomes increasingly difficult if your health or mental state declines.


A probate may be required when a person has passed and leaves behind assets like money in an account where they’re the sole account holder, shares, or if their will is contested. You’ll need a grant of probate for the funds, shares or assets to be released. We can assist you in applying for probate.

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